Roads Manager

Office Associate
Morgyn Redhorn

  • 325 Charlie H Road
    Winnebago, NE 68071

  • 8:00am - 4:30pm

  • Operating Hours: 7:00am - 3:30pm

The Roads Departments core purpose is to maintain all BIA roads on the Winnebago Reservation. We also maintain Highway 75/77 during the winter months. The departments exist to help keep the roads drivable. The needs we address are to keep all the roads safe and easier to drive on all year round. Our services include grading the BIA roads, filling potholes, keeping the ditches mowed and keeping rock on the roads. Also keeping our roads cleared, being on call 24/7 for snow removal and control. Our services help everyone in the community and travelers passing through.
During the snow season we are very busy. Our main priority is to keep all the main roads and bus routes open and safe to drive on. After our priority list is finished we will work towards clearing driveways that need it. Please keep in mind that we need all vehicles moved if you want your driveway cleared of snow. We cannot fit our heavy equipment in between cars.

The Roads Department also provides rock for sell to those who need it to maintain their driveways. Rock is set at $32.00 a ton. If you are working for the Tribe we offer payroll deduction.
Note: Please have driveways cleared of any cars. We cannot spread the rock if cars are in the way. If you feel your driveway needs to be graded please let us know before we bring the rock. We will need a time and date to give you time to clear anything in the driveway.

Winnebago Tribal Roads Department 2021 Equipment Hourly Rates:

Straight Mast Crane - $250.00
210 Case Excavator - $180.00
CAT 938M Wheel Loader - $180.00
Case 450 Skid steer Loader - $150.00
John Deer 331G Skid Steer Loader - $150.00
140H Cat Motor Grader - $150.00
621B Scraper - $160.00
CP-563c CAT compactor - $130.00
Case Tractor - $140.00
Sheepfoot Compactor - $130.00
D-7E CAT Dozer - $180.00
Belly Dump - $135.00
Mower 15 Foot Batwing - $130.00
Mower Side Boom - $130.00
Roller - $120.00
Fuel Truck F-150 - $180.00 Per Day
Semi- 2 Volvos, Mack, Peterbilt - $150.00

*2hr min. charge on all equipment - Additional Charges for Equipment - Delivery Charge (Loading Equipment to site) - Within Winnebago area $400.00 Round Trip - Outside Winnebago Reservation $800.00 Round Trip

Fuel Charge:
Diesel $3.50
Gasoline $3.00
*15gal Min. Fuel Charge

Winnebago Tribal Roads Department 2021 - Rock, Dirt & Culvert Rates:

1” Clean - $32.00
1 ½” Clean - $30.00
3” Clean - $30.00
Screening - $20.00 Limited
Crusher Run - $25.00 Limited
Gravel - $22.00

Culvert Type Price:
18’X40” 16GA Spiral Culvert $690.00
24’X40 16GA Spiral Culvert $850.00
18”X2” Culvert Band $105.00
Fill Dirt $120.00 A Truck Load