Youth Shelter


The Winnebago Youth Facility is a state licensed 24-hour emergency and temporary housing facility for youth up to 19 years of age. The 24-hour facility is a safe, stable and respectful environment for children temporarily removed from their homes. All youth will be accepted in the facility regardless of race, gender or nationality.

The facility provides stable housing for youth and has three residential units. Each unit is complete with a living room, laundry facility, and dining area. Our full-time staff are trained, professional and passionate to serve youth needs and support.

Our supportive services focus on improving and creating hope and opportunity for youth through mental health counseling, advocacy, education, and healthier lifestyles. Our mission is to strengthen and pave the way for youth to become self-sufficient, responsible, and contributing members of the community.


  • Mental Health Services
  • On Site Education Services
  • Public Health Nursing
  • Nutrition Service Program