Summary of Program

Our department acts as the Liaison between the Tribe and Contractors. We are responsible for corresponding with Indian Health Services (I.H.S.), Bureau of Indian Affairs (B.I.A), Transportation Improvement Planning (T.I.P.), Nebraska Department of Roads (N.D.O.R.), The State of Nebraska, the Village of Winnebago, Environmental Protection Department (E.P.D.), as well as other parties pertaining to construction project management.
Our program was created 29 years ago in 1995 to oversee and provide the tribe with Project Management.
We offer an onsite Professional Civil Engineer who oversees the new development as well as all existing tribal structures throughout the tribe. The Project Management work closely with all responsible parties involved to see that the Winnebago Tribe and Tribal Members receive the best services possible.
We offer and provide professional assistance with Home Owners Applicants and their Individual Sanitation applications. We correspond with I.H.S. and the residence, and oversee the project status through completion.
The Construction Management Engineer has extensive involvement with assisting in the Senior Housing Program, Applicants for the Home Improvement Program (H.I.P.), the Emergency Home Repairs (E.H.R.) Program, and the Tribal Housing Department.




Tribal Engineer
Ron Nohr

Project Management Specialist
DaNae Vargas