Tribal housing program

Tribal Housing/EHR/SHIRP Manager
Tiffany Armell-Buchanan

Office Associate
Kristin Neff

Alonzo Frenchman

Adonis Walker

We offer 24/7 on-call service in case of emergencies.

The Tribal Housing Department provides repairs and maintenance services for all tenants that rent any and all tribal apartments and stand-alone homes. All repairs and maintenance are done by the Tribal Housing Maintenance/Janitors.

Tribal Housing Program
We provide adequate & safe housing to enrolled members of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. The Winnebago Tribal Housing Program is in compliance with all applicable laws.

  1. Provide housing for Winnebago Tribal Members
    a) We offer homes & apartments for Tribal families within the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska reservation.
    b) The program services tribal members & non-tribal members who have children enrolled with the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska; services include adequate housing for our Winnebago People.

ARPA Home Repair Program
We assist homeowners with repairs on their homes; the home has to be owned by the senior. We assist with any health and safety hazards for seniors who are qualified and show proper documentation.

  1. Assisting Tribal Seniors to repair homes. (ages: 55 and over)
    a) To provide assistance to senior that doesn't have the income ability to do repair.
    b) Health & Safety for our elderly.
    c) Elders are served through the program; we provide assistance for furnance (heating components & equipment, plumbing, weatherization, roofing, floor, sanitation facilities, handicap accessible (doctors note) & major water leak.

ARPA 1 NOTICE : Applicants, please be advised, if you have had repairs completed on your home with ARPA 1, the program is considering your application complete.  We understand that you may have listed other needed repairs within that level that did not get complete.  The ARPA Home Repair Program was created to improve Tribal Member homes to a safe and habitable residence with the thought in mind that the Tribe would take on the costliest repair.  If your repair did not reach the max amount per level, and you had other repairs listed, no other repairs will be done to your house due to the cost of supplies and labor to cover the remaining amount.  There are a few applicants from ARPA 1 that need their repairs to be complete and the program will take on the higher expense of repairs.  The ARPA 1 program has served over 160 Tribal Member’s on and off the reservation and has spent all the allocated money for ARPA 1.

ARPA 2 NOTICE : The statement above will apply.  The program will pay for the costliest repair to return your home to a safe and habitable residence.  The program can only work with the allocated money by Tribal Council and want to serve as many Trial Members as possible that need repairs.

Please look forward to hearing from the program within the next month as we are going over applications and determining repairs.


The Physical Resource Department will be out of the office for Staff Development JULY 21, 2023. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Emergency Home Repair Program
We assist & make repairs to Tribal Members homes' that do not have the resources or income ability to address the need.  All Winnebago Tribal members should have an opportunity for a decent home and suitable living environment; .

  1. Assisting homes owners under the age of 55 and under to repair homes.
    a) To provide assistance to senior that doesn’t have the income ability to do repair work.
    b) Healthy and safety for our young homeowners.
    c) Young adults are served through the program; we provide assistance for Water/pipes, water heaters, weatherization, furnace repairs/replacement, roofing, floor, sanitation, ramps, moving and set up trailer cost (No Dirt work). Assist with purchase of trailer.
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