Social Services

Under P.L. 102-477, Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska has combined and coordinated educational services, employment and training assistance for adults and youth, child care, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and General Assistance. This integration was done to improve the effectiveness of such services and increase or improve employment. With the combining of these services, clients benefit in many ways. Staff members can identify needs and provide the resources needed through the program or by direct referral.

Contact Information:

Social Services Program

Winnebago Office

Human Services Department
218 Industrial Road
PO Box 723
Winnebago, NE 68071
Toll Free (833) 568-7882
Phone (402) 257-5586
Fax (402) 878-2228

FAX: (402) 878-2228

Sioux City Office

505 5th Street - Suite #320
Sioux City, IA 51101
Phone: (712) 203-2352
FAX: (712) 203-2353

To provide quality services within a culture of care that promotes the safety of children and self-sufficiency of families so they can thrive and achieve a healthier lifestyle. We embrace each individual’s uniqueness and abilities and make every attempt to build on and solidify their strengths.

Core Values:
Treat Clients with dignity, courtesy, and respect
Provide services in a non-judgmental manner without personal biases
Provide experienced, knowledgeable and skilled staff to provide culturally appropriate services
To support & promote accountability of staff to meet or exceed established standards
To provide services with consistent patience, support and guidance
To encourage high integrity in the delivery of services and honor the dignity of clients
To incorporate compassion and empathy into services provided for community members
To understand the emotional state and ideas of others. To employ a client-centered approach in developing strong communication linkages
To include a cultural team case management approach in which cultural values are important


  • Provide education, employment, training, and related services to eligible community members that will lead to self-sufficiency;
  • Reduce current unemployment rates among Winnebago Tribal members and residents in the service area
  • Providing and expanding services that will allow for safe and healthy environments for children.
  • Provide continuous services to children while enabling parents and guardians to seek gainful employment, obtain educational goals, as well as providing them with a comprehensive family support system.
  • Serving tribally determined goals consistent with the policy of self-determination.

Basic Eligibility:
All applicants must fill out a completed application (link to application), along with any required documentation that is needed to ensure your application is processed quickly. Some of these items may include: Social Security Cards, Birth Certificates, Proof of residency (link to 3rd party verification), proof of all income (link to poverty guidelines), etc. Please click here to see what is required. (link to application requirements)

Financial Services:
Welfare Assistance – We provide monthly grant assistance to individuals and families that meet our guidelines to assist with monthly expenses.

We provide support services to individuals and families that meet our guidelines.
Supportive Services – These services are utilized for our TANF and GA clients to help them overcome barriers and achieve self-sufficiency
Work Related Support Services - These services are utilized for individuals that are starting new jobs or need help maintaining their employment.
Diversion Services – These services are utilized for the working families that just need a little help from time to time.
Preventive Services – These services are utilized for our Relative Caregivers to ensure the safety of the children they care for.
Transitional Services - We offer transitional services for those who were on our program but found employment. These services are utilized as a follow up courtesy to ensure that our clients remain successful.

Summer Youth Employment – We assist in providing salaries for extra employment opportunities for the youth to participate in the program operated by the Higher Education Department. We work closely in planning for this opportunity!

Senior Pilot Employment – We supervise this program that is provided by the Winnebago Tribal Council. We utilize allotted funding to provide supervision of part time positions throughout the community.

Non-Financial Services:
Job Club – Job Club is designed to assist with basic employment skills that will help you obtain and maintain employment. We work on things such as: resume building, interview techniques, mock interviewing, cold calling, application assistance, W9 assistance, etc.

Capacity Building – Our program works with LPTC on developing workshops that will enhance skills that are needed to work full time or obtain a degree. Here are some general topics that we try to cover: financial Aid, time management, stress management, anger management, financial literacy, etc.
We also utilize Workin’ With Tradition and provide this workshop to our clients to help them get into the workforce. Please click the link for more information:

Independent Living – We are working on setting up mini workshops for the children that we serve through our CFS and Social Services programs. We will be providing a number of different workshops for youth, along with tutoring services in the future, Some of the workshops we are looking at are: financial literacy, cooking, secondary education assistance, online banking, etc.

GED Preparation – We have an offsite GED office that is available for those that need help preparing for their GED test. There you will have access to computer, study material, and an onsite tutor to help guide you through the process.

Referral Services – We work really hard to ensure that everyone gets the assistance they need if we are not able to help. We have a number of different resources that we utilize for clients that are not eligible for our program. Please look at our referral pages for a complete list of possible resources for you and your family!

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